Elections to the Teaching Council 2020

The term of office of registered teachers who were elected to the current Teaching Council comes to an end in April 2020. The Council has 37 members and 16 of these are teachers who are elected by teachers. An election for teacher members will be held in February/March 2020

The Teaching Council (Election of Members) Regulations, 2019 are available here ยป

Electoral Roll Now Available

In accordance with the Teaching Council (Election of Members) Regulations 2019, the Electoral Roll, comprising teachers whose name was on the Register at 5pm on 30 September 2019 is now available for inspection by Eligible Teachers.

A condensed version of the Electoral Roll, containing the name, teacher registration number and electoral category (including geographical constituency) is now available on the Teaching Council website Here. Eligible Teachers, who wish to take part in the election, are invited to inspect the Electoral Roll.

Amendments to the Electoral Roll
Eligible Teachers who wish to request an amendment to the Electoral Roll, in relation to omission and/or electoral category (including geographical constituency), may do so by completing the Request for Amendment to the Electoral Roll, which is available Here. Applications to amend the Electoral Roll will close on 20 December.

Nomination as a candidate can be submitted between 9 and 30 January. Forms will be available on www.teachingcouncil.ie before and during that period. An e-zine will be issued at this time and an announcement will be placed on www.teachingcouncil.ie. Each teacher seeking nomination will need the signatures of 15 teachers. These teachers must be registered to vote in the electoral category and the geographic constituency of the teacher whose nomination they are supporting. The categories and constituencies are available Here.

Information about the nominated candidates will be available on www.teachingcouncil.ie in early February.

Election outcome
The results of the election will be announced as soon as possible after the election has closed and the new Council members will be formally appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills soon after.

More information
Eligible Teachers who wish to take part in the election are advised to visit the Teaching Council website on a regular basis for updated information. The Council will also issue emails to Eligible Teachers with updated information for each stage of the election.




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