Information for schools with VHR Pupils

Following a number of queries received by our Centre in recent weeks I would like to bring some clarity to the role of the Education Centre in supporting the continuation of Learning for learners at Very High Risk (VHR) to COVID 19.

In some of their Guidance documents, the Department of Education & Skills had indicated that Education Centres would create a panel of VHR teachers, who are themselves working from home due to their own health status, that would be available to work with pupils in other schools who are medically certified as being of high risk to Covid 19 and so are not attending school. This support was intended to be an additional support to the work of the school.

In order to progress this panel, Education Centres made a  request to all schools in their region for information on the number of VHR teachers available for this additional support.

The response to this request was insufficient to put in place a panel of teachers to provide additional support to learners at very high risk to Covid 19. Therefore,  Education Centres do not currently have a panel of teachers to provide additional supports to learners at very high risk to Covid-19.

Education Centres are currently committed to supporting the designated teachers from within the school’s existing resources to best facilitate their remote teaching and learning needs. These supports can extend to assistance with online learning, connecting that teacher with curricular support and resources through the support services and any other bespoke requests that may arise.

Should you have any areas where you would like your local Education Centre to provide support please do contact the centre and we can discuss your request and how best we can respond.

In addition, ESCI (The Education Support Centres of Ireland) hosted a webinar on 6th Oct , in association with PDST, NCSE, NEPS and the DES Inspectorate for Primary Schools outlining the supports available for schools in supporting pupils who are not currently attending school because of being medically certified as being at very high risk to Covid 19.

A recording of this webinar is available at:

A similar webinar for Post Primary schools was held on the 8th Oct. The link to the recording of this webinar is



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